Dylan Selterman

Dylan Selterman received his Ph.D. in Social/Health Psychology from Stony Brook University. He is a social psychologist by training, with background in developmental and educational psychology as well. Dr. Selterman's research interests include: a) close relationships between parents/children, friends, and romantic partners, b) patterns of dreaming and how they influence subsequent behavior, c) how people experience emotions especially those that are related to relationships (e.g., jealousy, love), d) romantic attachment and sexual behavior, and e) morals, ethics, norms, and standards for interpersonal behavior, especially in close relationships. Dr. Selterman's lab is currently studying attitudes toward what is considered ethical behavior in close relationships, how those attitudes and judgments vary based on personality variables, motivations for infidelity/cheating behavior, jealousy and other responses to betrayals/violations, and how couples manage ethical issues in relationships (e.g., monogamy status). Dr. Selterman is the current Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. E-mail: d.selterman@in-mind.org